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Nelumbo lutea Willd.

American lotus

KingdomPlantaePlants, but not fungi, lichens, or algae
SubkingdomTracheobiontaVascular plants—plants with a “circulatory system” for delivering water and nutrients
DivisionMagnoliophytaFlowering plants, also known as angiosperms
ClassMagnoliopsidaDicotyledons—plants with two initial seed leaves
SubclassMagnoliidaeIncludes magnolias, nutmeg, bay laurel, cinnamon, avocado, black pepper, and many others
OrderNymphaealesWater lilies and other aquatic plants
FamilyNelumbonaceaeFrom nelumbu, a Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) name for the lotus plant
GenusNelumboFrom nelumbu, a Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) name for the lotus plant

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Nelumbium luteum Willd., orth. var.

Nelumbo pentapetala (Walter) Fernald, nom. utique rej.

Nymphaea pentapetala Walter, nom. utique rej.


Nelumbo lutea description by Thomas H. Kent, not updated.

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Nelumbo lutea (American lotus)

7/3/2012 · By Jacquelyn Boyt


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