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Leucospermum cordifolium (Salisb. ex Knight) Fourc.

Pincushion protea

ParentsUnknownGenus is not in the current taxonomy

About plant names...

This south African plant is not native to North America, but is popular with gardeners in warm climates.

Identification: Pincushion proteas are named for their pincushion-like appearance—flowerheads are up to 5″ (12 cm) across, rounded, with many thin petals resembling pins. Leaves are leathery and sharp-tipped.

Online References:

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ARKive: Images of Life on Earth

ProteaFlora (Leucospermum cultivars)

Leucadendron nutans Kuntze


Leucospermum cordifolium description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Leucospermum cordifolium (pincushion protea)

3/2/2001 · Kula Botanical Garden, Maui, Hawaii