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Lecanora oreinoides (Körb.) Hertel & Rambold

Sunken rim-lichen

KingdomFungiMushrooms, lichens, gel fungi, yeasts, and molds; also called eukaryotes
DivisionAscomycotaSac fungi
SubdivisionPezizomycotinaSac fungi with filaments
ClassLecanoromycetes“Lichenized” fungi
OrderLecanoralesMostly lichen-forming fungi
FamilyLecanoraceaeLichenized fungi includes many genera, named after Lecanora
GenusLecanoraMeans "having a light-colored margin of apothecium formed by thallus" (from Stearn's Botanical Latin)

About plant names...

Sunken rim-lichen is native to North America.

Identification: Lichen is whitish to pale gray. It appears as a thin layer directly on rock surfaces (crustose), looking a bit like paint that dried and cracked. Its fruiting bodies (apothecia) are black and slightly sunken. There may be more than one per "tile."

Online References:

Stephen Sharnoff Photography

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The Australian Government's Australian National Botanic Gardens


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Lecanora hypospilota Vain.

Lecidea oreinodes (Körb.) W.A. Weber & Hertel

Lecanora tesselina (Tuck.) Zahlbr.

Lecidea tennessensis Nyl.

Lecidea tesselina Tuck.


Lecanora oreinoides description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Lecanora oreinoides (sunken rim-lichen)

4/10/2010 · Tom & Susan’s, Pepperell, Mass­a­chu­setts · ≈ 3½ × 2½″ (9.8 × 6.6 cm) ID is uncertain