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Disocactus ackermannii

Disocactus ackermannii (Zuccarini) W. Barthlott (1991) Bradleya


Orchid Cactus

ParentsUnknownGenus is not in the current taxonomy
GenusDisocactus“Dis” means two: a lower and upper flower

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This cactus is native to Veracruz and Oaxaca in Mexico, and is extremely rare.

Identification: These plants branch from the base, producing arches of long, flattened leaves up to 3' (1 m) long. Relatively short rounded stems are 4-7" (10-18 cm) in length. The flattened leaves are 1¾-2½" (5-7 cm) wide, with wavy margins. Bright scarlet funnel-shaped flowers are 4-7" (11-17 cm) long, and greenish in the center. Fruits are somewhat oval-shaped, ¾-⅞" (2-2.5 cm) in diameter.

Disocactus ackermannii (Orchid Cactus)

From the Curtis Botanical Register for 1830.


Anderson, Edward F., The Cactus Family, Timber Press, 2001, p. 222

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Disocactus ackermannii description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 12 Oct 2018.

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Disocactus ackermannii (Orchid Cactus)

10/7/2001 · Connie and Stan’s, Falmouth, ME · By Constance B. Kent ID is uncertain

Range: Zones 9b-13:

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