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Cladina stellaris (Opiz) Brodo

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This lichen is circumpolar, occurring above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Circle. In North America, it occurs throughout much of Canada and the northern United States, in forests of cone-bearing trees (boreal forests).

Identification: Star-tipped reindeer lichen is a fruticose lichen: it looks like a miniature shrub. They are densely branched, and lack a main stem. They form compact, rounded mounds. Similar lichens are compared below.


Cladina stellaris

8/2/2023 · Higgins Mountain, Georgetown, Maine

Cladina rangiferina

Cladina mitis
Common Name

gray reindeer lichen

green reindeer lichen


Fruticose lichen, 2½-5″ (6.3-12 cm) high, grayish white. Branches are hollow, and end branches often point in the same direction.


Fruticose lichen, 2-3½″ (5-8.9 cm) high, yellowish-green to yellowish-gray, composed of multiple branches from a main stem, like tiny trees.
Habitats Boreal (cone-bearing) forests, on soil or thin soil on rocks. Boreal (cone-bearing) forests, on soil or thin soil on rocks. Often with mosses and grasses.
Type Wild Wild


Online References:


Stephen Sharnoff Photography



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Cladina alpestris (L.) Nyl.

Cladonia alpestris (L.) Rabenh.

Cladonia stellaris (Opiz) Pouzar & Vezda


Cladina stellaris description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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