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Botanical Art Bibliography

See also this botanical art bibliography.

Note: book cover sizes in the list below are shown relative to each other. The list is organized by primary author. Some out-of-copyright books are available free at the supplied links.

Art Forms in Nature

Author(s): Haeckel, Ernst

Publisher: Prestel, 1862

ISBN: 978-3791319902

View at: Amazon

Comments: Ernst Haeckel’s eye for the infinite variety, beauty, and symmetry of nature is evident in these incredible plates, originally released in 1862. The artist combines the rigor of a scientist and the eye of an artist in these captivating images of living things. Subjects are identfied. 139 pages.

Botanical Cabinet

Author(s): Loddiges, C.

Published: 1817

View at: Download free from Google books

Comments: This long-running periodical magazine contained many beautiful paintings of various flora.

The Golden Age of Botanical Art

Author(s): Rix, Martyn

Publisher: University of Chicago Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-0226093598

View at: Barnes & Noble, or Amazon

Comments: In the 17th century finding and classifying new species became a worldwide obsession shared by scientists, clergymen, industrialists, school children, and adventurers of all stripes. In the absence of practical photography, botanists relied on increasingly arcane botanical Latin and increasingly exquisite botanical art, as showcased in this volume. This large book consists of rare or unpublished drawings from the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. It is not a field guide, it is a book of exquisite art. 256 pages.

Nouveau dictionnaire encyclopédique universel illustré

Author(s): Trousset, Jules

Publisher: La Librairie Illustrée, 1885-1891

View at: Open Library Internet Archive