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Allium sphaerocephalon L.

Drumstick allium

KingdomPlantaePlants, but not fungi, lichens, or algae
SubkingdomTracheobiontaVascular plants—plants with a “circulatory system” for delivering water and nutrients
DivisionMagnoliophytaFlowering plants, also known as angiosperms
ClassLiliopsidaMonocots (plants with a single seed leaf); includes the lily family
SubclassLiliidaeIncludes lilies, orchids, and many others
OrderAsparagalesA diverse group that includes asparagus
FamilyAmaryllidaceaeAmaryllis family—plants that grow from bulbs. Includes onions and many others
GenusAlliumOnions, leeks, shallots, garlic, scallions, etc.

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Drumstick allium is a European native, and is becoming naturalized in some areas of North America. It is most often seen in gardens.

Identification: These onion family members are like chives on steroids. Hollow, tubular stems about ⅛″ (3.2 mm) around reach heights of 1-3′ (30-91 cm), topped by ball-shaped pink-purple flowers about 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter.

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Allium sphaerocephalon description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Allium sphaerocephalon (drumstick allium)

6/17/2010 · Mt. Lebanon St., Pepperell, Mass­a­chu­setts · ≈ 4½ × 3″ (11 × 7.9 cm) ID is uncertain

Range: Zones 5-9:

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